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Unsupervised Pleasures

Unsupervised Pleasures is a community of AI practicioners interested in ethical experimentation, p2p education, and DIY cultural production.

Who is this by/for?

We are artists interested in working with texts and AI using our own archives and “small data”. We want to explore ways of practicing care and support through our technological ecosystems. We want to deepen how we bring queer, feminist, and decolonial methodologies into our everyday lives and work. We want to experiment with glitch, error, and infecting the larger AI systems with a plurality of stories as a strategy of resistance. We are curious to learn if/how these approaches can help us find openings, write new narratives, and create spaces that can hold us in ways that these systems were not designed to.

Our Goals

Who is tending this garden?

photo of Emily Martinez Emily Martinez is a new media artist, 1st generation immigrant/refugee (Cuba > Miami), and a self-taught coder who believes in the tactical misuse of technology. She started Unsupervised Pleasures as part of her ML5.js Fellowship project to document some of her research and experiments with LLMs.

photo of Sarah Ciston Sarah Ciston is a self-described poet-programmer who loves building community through critical-creative code and bringing Intersectional approaches to AI. They are a PhD candidate in Media Arts and Practice at USC and Artistic Research Resident at AI Anarchies in Berlin.

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