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Ultimate Fantasy 5 Hotline Miami

Let me begin by telling you my ultimate fantasy.

I know that sounds ridiculous. “Hotline Miami” gave me chills.

Hotline Miami?

I had to have it. I had to watch it.

Oh come on! It’s not true!

It was the most exciting thing I’ve ever had. It’s true!

Hotline Miami?

Give me the straight answer. Don’t give me that. Let’s all just talk about what’s real right now.

Okay. Let’s talk about what’s real now. Okay?

Let’s talk about money.

I can understand your need for money.

Well, you do know how to spend it.

And do you know how to do with it?

What’s wrong with me?

Don’t drag your Ex-Boyfriend into this.

What’s real about my life?

My ex-boyfriend.

What’s real about your ex-boyfriend?

He’s angry. He’s jealous. He’s needy. He’s a faggot. He needs you. He’s a bimbo. He’s straight. He’s old-fashioned. He wants to fuck you.

I don’t want to fuck him! I want to fuck you.

But you said that it’s only because we broke up.

Don’t you even know how to kiss!

He said that he wanted to try new things.

That’s not true!

I want to fuck you but I don’t know how!

You said that you had ideas!

What did you have ideas about?!?!?!?!

I just know you want to fuck me.


I just know that’s all you ever wanted.

Well, I guess I do now.

But, but, but. But…

You’re asking me to kiss a gay!

I know how you feel.


Do you like to have anonymous sex in public rest rooms? Sex movies? Public parks? Sex clubs? On street corners with heavy hustling traffic? How many nonsexual friendships or acquaintances lasting for decades started this way? How many ways are there to love queers? How many ways are there to queer love?

Let me begin by telling you my ultimate fantasy.



Prompt adapted from A Queer History of Computing

· queer, Miami, paranoia, sex, GPT-2, RunwayML