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Ultimate Fantasy 30 Tender Enough

Let me begin by telling you my ultimate fantasy.

Deep into your soul, you know you want me to take you to a secluded place away from the crowd and show you the beauty and ecstasy of love.

No one has to see that, not your parents, not your co-workers. Or your doctor. Or your priest.

The priest probably doesn’t approve.

The alternative. What about deep-rooted? What about love? What about deep-rooted in you?

Your mothers, fathers.

I want you to fuck me. Please.

I can’t. NO! No one can! I can’t, my mother. NO!

Fuck me, Father.

Fucking me is wrong. It… is wrong. I don’t want to, it makes me sick.

I’m horny, make me horny.

Make me sick?

Yes. Fuck me. A good boy.

I’m getting wet. I’m horny, make me horny.

Very good, very good. Slow.

Do I look sexy in your yellow… The sexual revolution has… I… well, if only there was one thing that fucked me up good and sent me straight to Heaven. A moment of silence for what was…

You want to fuck me, you better fuck.

Just one minute, please. Just one minute.

For whatever stupid reason. Guess what? I want to fuck you again.

Please, fuck me. Please.

My clothes are dirty. My friends called the cops. I’m scared.

There’s a time and place for everything.

I don’t want to hear.

You… dummy, why don’t you kiss me? I’ll do anything. Go ahead, get in a kiss, anything.

I don’t know…

Kiss me. Please.

It’s just that right now it’s just so hard.

So are you afraid of me or am I just showing you my…

Whatever you want.

Hey, the milk’s back. I took the cooler with me. This is crazy, I am a month pregnant. I feel. So fucking. So full.

I’m glad.

Queer bastard.

Go on, babes. Touch us, baby.

Jesus, look at him. Boobs!

They’re nice, aren’t they?


Babies have no idea what it’s like to be a month.

Tush! Tush!

The first trimester. The first days.

I hurt. Nothing. It was a blessing.

Ow, my baby. It’s okay. I feel terrific.

And then some more…

Ow, my face.

Not swollen, just a little tender.

A little better?

Tender enough that I can put a cap on it.


Do you like to have anonymous sex in public rest rooms? Sex movies? Public parks? Sex clubs? On street corners with heavy hustling traffic? How many nonsexual friendships or acquaintances lasting for decades started this way? How many ways are there to love queers? How many ways are there to queer love?

Let me begin by telling you my ultimate fantasy. . .



Prompt adapted from A Queer History of Computing

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