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Ultimate Fantasy 94 The Mountain

Let me begin by telling you my ultimate fantasy. It is not a pipe dream. There is a mountain in the Andes Mountains, way up there, well-known ascents and descends, and on top of that mountain a woman. She is flawless, without flaw. She has the strength of will, the grace of chariots, and the will to conquer. She is me, me with my head held high, me heading to a better place in life. My goal in life is to conquer her, and when I do, my heart will melt.

Now let’s talk about that mountain. That’s right. The real magic happens at the top of that mountain. You see, at that top, there is a vacuum. The air is rich with the scent of urine, and the taste of it. And in that vacuum is the chakra, the center of the human body. It is from that chakra that all the other sexual needs, including reproduction, are derived.

Imagine a bucket in your hand, big enough for half a cheesecake and big enough for a dick. Imagine a dick up there, a snow-white schlong, with two fingers that look like fucking fingers.

How do you get that cheesecake from the bakery?

Well, there might be some secret handshake involved, but I’m telling you now, that’s how you get that dildo up there.


In this chapter, I share a number of stories from my experiences of becoming-queer, of methodological anarchism. these stories are not true, for I am in agreement with the notion that there is ‘no such thing as a true story’. Nor do they follow a single line of direction or desire; they connect to each other in many ways. they form a rhizome. In sharing these stories, I do not have a simple message or a particular argument to convey. Like Ursula Le Guin, ‘I wish, instead of looking for a message when we read a story, we could think, “Here’s a door opening on a new world: what will I find there?”’

Let me begin by telling you my ultimate fantasy. . .



Prompt adapted from Queer Methods and Methodologies

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