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Ultimate Fantasy 97 Kmart

Kmart has added Women’s Liberation Day to their calendar. And I have my reasons. For one, it’s blatantly obvious that they don’t want you guys to feel left out. For two, even if they don’t want to acknowledge your existence, they’re happy to promote your garbage. And, most galling of all, they’re happy to sell you calendars with messages like, “Join us next year!” And, most galling of all, they’ll throw in a free beer on the first anniversary. Kmart, I can’t believe you.


“Dude, we were so gay in this film, so gay!” While it is comforting to know that the dudes understand that they were participating in a queer universe, the DVD makes clear that this was a temporary state of affairs and that both dudes are now safely secured for and by the heterosexual matrix. So while the film’s queerness cannot be located at the level of identity, we can argue for queerness as a set of spatialized relations that are permitted through the white male’s stupidity, his disorientation in time and space.

Let me begin by telling you my ultimate fantasy. . .



Prompt adapted from The Queer Art of Failure

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