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Ultimate Fantasy 100 The Oak

Let me begin by telling you my ultimate fantasy.

It’s about two people, my lover and I.
He’s dead, but I have a gift. I can restore him to his true form, to his old size, his former glow.
I dream that on a clear day you and I, dressed in white, kneel before an oak and offer our services as acolytes to the new oak.
Will you accept our offering?
Will you believe me when I tell you I can restore my beloved to his former size, his former glow?
I look around me, and my hope is that you’ll accept my challenge and not resist my call.

Will you?
Are you ready?
As the old oak is at rest, raise your hand.
Are you willing to offer your services as acolytes to the new oak?
As an anthemic chorus.
Dance the part! Hurry, the work is not yet done.

Lovers, let us pray.
As the anthems have passed, so will our passion. Let us humbly offer our services to the new oak as he himself humbly requests our favor.
Let’s say you’re an anthemic chorus. You’ve spent a lifetime perfecting your melodies; now it’s your turn to give them a new life through the power of music.

You can almost smell the old oak in that one. Let’s say your anthems have all the passion of a lake, their melodies as sweet as honey.
Yes, I’d love to sing them.
I’d love to dance with them.
They’d love to see me dance with them.
Dance with them!


Celebrate birthdays, deathdays, celebrate accomplishments, celebrate festivals.
Sketch a map of sacred places, an enchanted geography.
Walk the old haunts; bars and parks and cruising spots. Therein pick up their trace.
Some will travel in packs and as houses, others are solitary, Learn how to engage with them together and alone.
Among them there will be spirits more or less elevated, more or less wise, more or less chained by their traumas.
Seek the advice of the wise ones, and do not be drowned in the pain and fear of the others.
You may feel yourself to be dying, you may find yourself rapt in panic and anxiety. This is a cost of the work. Learn to separate what is yours and what isn’t.
Part of the work will be to assist those who need healing. To show them how to heal themselves.
Healing may be ecstatic too.
Cultivate empathy, learn to regulate it.
Empathy may register as desire, sickness, terror, joy.
Lean into your anxieties and manias, into your highs and lows.
Often you’ll find the spirits on the other end.
Balance is necessary. As you surround yourself with the dead, invite in life in equal parts.

Let me begin by telling you my ultimate fantasy. . .



Prompt adapted from First Protocols of Queer Goetia

· queer, GPT-2, RunwayML