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Ultimate Fantasy 113 Technique

Let me begin by telling you my ultimate fantasy.

Have you noticed a change in your skin? Are your pores sagging? Are the pores sagging more often? Let me show you an exercise. Pull your shirt close over your face, close your eyes, and imagine that sound. It is a very loud noise. Just a really loud noise, enough to draw your attention to your pores, to the fact that they are sagging. Now, imagine that sound again. Now, imagine it five times louder. Make it a song. A favorite, a favorite movie, a sentence that rhymes, such as, “So you see, I’ve failed.” Imagine the song reverberating in your head, making you dizzy, you black out, you pass out, wake up fine, but the next thing you know you are in a hospital bed, your skin sagging again, pores have gone soft and your hair falling out…

Let me show you how to lose it. You see, you take the exercise and use it to reinforce a bad thought. You take the sheet music and you use it as a springboard for a seductive suggestion. You make love to yourself as though life were an airplane cruising above you. Want me to stop?

No, I don’t have to be an expert on hypnosis. You’re a librarian, remember, not an expert.

Yellow jackets don’t wear yellow jackets.

How about this. Put on your blindfold.

All right. Let’s see what we have here.



What happens when you stop dreaming? When you can longer see a future for yourself, for those you love, for all of the sentient and non-sentient beings on this planet? When day after day you grieve? When day after day you feel your senses dull, your feelings numb, your spirit shrinking and withering away? When time spirals into a personal hell of your own distorted mind maps and trauma loops? When you can no longer receive the light of love? When your heart stops emanating its own light?

Let me begin by telling you my ultimate fantasy. . .



Original prompt written during pandemic grief spiral

· queer, GPT-2, RunwayML